Airmate is committed to exceeding customer expectations for quality, efficiency, service and lead time accomplished through our dedication to organizational development and continuous improvement processes. Airmate is compliant to ISO 9001:2008.
Why should you choose Airmate Company for your order?
• Customer Satisfaction is our main focus.
• Employees at Airmate take great pride in providing quality products that meet each unique customer’s requirements.
• We always strive to exceed our customer expectations.
• PPAP’s / First Article Inspection are completed upon the request of the customer. If you don’t request a First Article Inspection, we can provide information at a later date.
• Frequency checks either visual or dimensional are done throughout the product run and are documented and identified.
• Start-up checks are completed on each setup.
• Dimensional Layouts are done at the request of the customer. If the part is too large for us to measure, we have certified layout facilities that we work with.
• Product Identification is done on product per the customer’s request.