Company History

Past, Present and Future

Airmate Company was founded in 1946 by Richard Schreder in Toledo Ohio. The war effort during WWII produced vast improvements in plastics technology. Acrylics, which were warp resistant and retained their optical clarity were made available to the civilian market. Mr. Schreder set out to design a line of aircraft and along the way, found himself in the drafting instrument business utilizing the latest plastics technology to craft triangles, curves and t-squares in his garage. He called the budding business Airmate Company to complement his aircraft business. All items were private labeled and sold to companies such as Alvin & Company, Dietzgen, Lutz and MacPherson Fullerton.

In 1962 Richard and Angelike Schreder purchased land in Bryan, Ohio that included a grass airstrip. Airmate was moved to this location and Richard began a glider kit business, flew air charters and became a Piper Aircraft Dealer. While Richard ran his aircraft related concerns, Angie took over the presidency of Airmate Company. Her business background, strong accounting skills and organizational strengths served her well in this capacity.

In 1985 Carol (Schreder) Czech, the eldest daughter, joined her parents in the business. The company purchased The Fisher and Crome Template Company in Philadelphia, Pa. Several improvements were made in the methods Fisher and Crome had begun in the machining and printing of templates and expanded the product mix. The company marketed its template line not only to drafting distributors but to the Advertising Specialty Market, joining ASI (the Advertising Specialty Institute) and PPAI (the Promotional Products Association International). The business grew steadily in these markets and the building was expanded twice to accommodate additional manufacturing equipment.

In 2000 the decision was made to expand into new markets utilizing knowledge gained in machining and printing capabilities. New types of plastics in a variety of thicknesses and compositions were used to make products to customer specification in industries such as construction, food processing, automotive dunnage and quilting and crafting.

Today Airmate continues to expand into new markets and add new equipment to best serve its growing and diverse customer base. Employee tenure and skill set, along with strong vendor partnerships have built a culture that sets us apart from our competition. Contact us today to learn how we can serve you.