Plastic Fabrication in Bryan, OH

Picture Of Plastic Fabricator In Use In Bryan, OH - Airmate Plastic Fabrication

At Airmate Plastic Fabrication, we specialize in plastic machining, fabricating, decorating, and bending. Whether you’re looking for machined plastic components, machine guarding, custom shelving and displays for a point of purchase, reusable packaging, containers, or any other plastic part, our in-house design and engineering departments can fabricate what you need. We have worked closely with clients in the automotive industry, created innovative packaging and food processing equipment, and built components for equipment builders. If you are looking for a template or need OEM parts, let us be your one stop for plastic bending and fabrication.

Fabricating Parts to Your Precise Specifications

Airmate Company is your single source for multiple fabricated plastic applications. Our skilled machinists fabricate parts to your precise specifications to tolerances of +/-.0005″ in blank sizes up to 6″ x 120″ and up to 4″ thick.

Our equipment includes eight 3-axis mills, featuring:

  • Single Head KOMO: table size 60″ x 120″ with multiple (15) cutter changes
  • Dual Head KOMO: 2 tables at 72″ x 72″ with multiple (15 per spindle) cutter changes
  • Quad Head Ergon: 2 tables at 60″ x 60″ with multiple (12 per spindle) cutter changes
  • Wesflex: table size 51″ x 108″ with multiple spindles
  • 3 Bridgeport Mills with multiple spindles—travel for each spindle is 14″ x 22.”
  • CNC Smithy Machine: 19″ x 12″ travel

Our Skill Set

Our plastic fabricating skill set includes multi-head CNC milling and routing, assembly, line bending, solvent bonding, flame polishing, edge polishing, riveting, and eyeleting. We offer in-house printing, packaging, assembly, and kitting. By providing quick quotes, superior quality, and on-time delivery to meet your deadlines, we’ve built a loyal and diverse customer base. Contact us to learn how we can accommodate your fabrication needs.