CNC Cutting Service in Bryan, Ohio

CNC Cutting Service Photo In Bryan, OH - Airmate Plastic Fabrication

Using a wide range of sources, Airmate Plastic Fabrication specializes in CNC milling, sawing, and plastic shearing. From 4-inch thick UHMW to .010” thick styrene, our machines can handle all of your plastic needs. We offer some of the best prices and lead times, which have helped us to build a loyal and diverse clientele base.

Airmate’s Equipment

Our host of equipment, such as the Schelling Computerized Panel Saw with a sheet capacity of 129” x 129” x 3”, gives us the opportunity to work with various manufacturing industries. To continue to offer our clients quality and precise results, we work with a variety of machines, which include:

  • Polar Shear with Microcut: Allows for a sheet capacity of 65” x 96”
  • Single Head KOMO: Table size 60” x 120” with multiple (15) cutter changes
  • Dual Head KOMO: Two tables at 72” x 72” with multiple (15 per spindle) cutter changes
  • Quad Head Ergon: Two tables at 60” x 60” with multiple (12 per spindle) cutter changes
  • Wesflex: Table size 51” x 108” with multiple spindles
  • 3 Bridgeport Mills: With multiple spindles, travel for each spindle is 14” x 22”
  • CNC Smithy Machine: Offers 19” x 12” travel

Why Choose Airmate

The number one goal of Airmate Plastic Fabrication is to provide its clients with excellent products and customer care. Working with us means that you can expect a fast and affordable quote, elite customer services, the ability to meet your project deadline, and a commitment to high quality results on your project. For more information on how we can help you and your industry, contact us today.