CNC Milling in Bryan, OH

Photo Of CNC Milling Machine In Action In Bryan, OH - Airmate Plastic Fabrication

At Airmate Plastic Fabrication, we use precision CNC milling to create the custom parts our clients need. We work with many different industries to provide superior quality plastic products that you can rely on. We’ve built a loyal and diverse customer base by providing quick quotes and on-time delivery so that you can meet your deadlines. Contact us to learn how we can accommodate your company’s fabrication needs.

Building Specialized Plastic Components

Airmate Company specializes in precision machining utilizing three axis CNC equipment. We machine all types of plastic sheeting up to 3″ thick and up to 60″ x 120″ in size. Our engineers and machinists have developed innovative processes to provide the highest quality plastic components to your specifications when you need them. Quality is job one. We offer first article inspection and batch marking and traceability. Send us your drawing for same day pricing and lead time information.

Milling for Any Project

Whether you are looking for custom plastic components to your specification, POP, printed faceplates, signage, or finished MDF panels, Airmate Plastic Fabrication provides CNC milling for any project. We have been proud to provide our services since 1946.

Our equipment includes eight 3-axis mills, featuring:

  • Single Head KOMO: table size 60″ x 120″ with multiple (15) cutter changes
  • Dual Head KOMO: 2 tables at 72″ x 72″ with multiple (15 per spindle) cutter changes
  • Quad Head Ergon: 2 tables at 60″ x 60″ with multiple (12 per spindle) cutter changes
  • Wesflex: table size 51″ x 108″ with multiple spindles
  • 3 Bridgeport Mills with multiple spindles—travel for each spindle is 14″ x 22.”
  • CNC Smithy Machine: 19″ x 12″ travel